Is nazism and harassement accepted by Funcom?

That is my first experience with Conan Exile and I might say it has been quite frustrating. The most toxic community I have ever experienced in an online game.
My friends and I have been the target of Nazist symbols building, walls blocking our base, and other kinds of harass on the global chat from our server (homophobia, xenophobia, racism, etc). We and other people from the server tried to report many times and we still don’t have a proper ban on those guys. It is really complicated when there is something that serious as Nazist symbols and other kinds of hate speech and we don’t have a quick response from the official server admins.
Is this accepted by Funcom?

No, it is not. However, due to the amount of reports sent daily, it may take several weeks for them to even reach your report and that provided you have reported it via the proper channel.

Hey @DarkSteban

As stated in our server rules, it is something we consider an infraction. Please follow the link @Narelle posted above in order to report this infraction.

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