Is necromancer better than demonologist in any aspect?


Thanks everyone but anyone have a explanation to why my cold sorc pets are much stronger than unholy?


what pets ? some have less damage per hit but hit enemies in a bigger zone. also some have some other side effects.


Victor, read that, it’s a pretty good thread about necromancer.

And you need to quit using the spec you posted earlier, it’s pretty awful and missing some key feats.


This got me confused - thinking about magic damage only from a dts pov. But actually the tooltip is quite clear about it, embarassing to fall for this :blush:.


the biggest problem with necro at low tier pvp armor, they are paper cannons. once caught in the steel swinging melee bonanza , you are littlerly done.

But teh necro has so many ccs , says a player.

News flash so do other classes, and immunities are real, and they are annoying. Also the broken ranger 100% immunity is the death null of mostly any cc dependent caster, which is … wait for it … ALL CASTERS.

Demo burst damage is great, in tier3 pvp gear armor, other then that we are again… wait for it … DEPENDENT ON CC’s.

If you want to play a caster, do some damage and have greater survivabilty, play a ToS . GEt great damage , good CC’s , a silenece if feated and a bubble if feated, two bubbles if you count that weak melee imunnity thing.


I don’t play PvP, for me PvP is broken on AoC and can’t be fixed by any way. Don’t get me wrong, i enjoy fight against other players, but in games designed for it, i have almost 400 hours on War Thunder, AoC is almost impossible to balance.

PS : ToS is a priest class. Have heals and draw his power trough devotion not pacts, arcane knowledge, etc


ToS may be labelled a priest, but can be played in a variety of ways.


If all you’re talking about is dps, then not much difference between necro and demo, or any other dps class for that matter. Necros usually near or at top of dps parse, but barbs, sins, DTs, Demos, HoXes… whatever, can all match or outdps necros is some fights, and they all have roles to play in certain fights.

But… if you consider utility, necro is superior to most any other class in the game. Think of all the places where a necro is preferred kiter: Hathor-Ka, Incubus/Succubus, Coppice, Slithering Chaos; where Quell the Ether is called for: Levi, Entity, Brothers; where instant cast minion kill x 3 is required: T5 Vistrix, Thoth-Amon; where it’s simple matter to swap pets to match fights: melee on Strom and second boss in T6, casters on Keeper, Entity, first boss in T6 etc, or not pets at all if you’re so inclined; where best to catch damage in fights such as backlash in Zaal T3.5; and one of best mana drain in Louhi.

Necros have 3 buff options: one for dps, one for elemental damage, one for holy/unholy damage. They can send pets around corners and into other rooms when soloing, even in places where combat pets are not allowed. With cannibalism, they can SW forever without running out of mana. The list goes on and on. Just my opinon, but I think, that along with DTs, necros are one of most OP classes of the game.


It’s a simple fact, necromancers are the superior mage!


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