Is Purge meter issue fixed or not?

I read through some of the threads and it seems many people are experiencing issues with the purge meter. I am unclear as to if this is an issue still. It seems for our server it it. I read that a fix would take place in a week, but it’s been over a week since that thread was posted.

You should let me know the post that you read it in (a reply has a unique share button you may click for the url). You may DM me and mark this reply as solution in that case.

As the purge meter is not the same for everyone, nor every server, the issue is likely not reproducable every time/on all servers. (May also depend on multipliers).
It is a known issue, status: Investigating

Is it possible to at least give other thralls the abilities you get from the purge thralls? For example give the volcano named alchemist the black and while dye and another thrall the ability to craft legendary repair kits until the purges are fixed.

No, there’s still a number of other issues with The Purge

On fixing them, see Upcoming features, both on the Official Wiki :slight_smile:

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