Is PVP broken since Argos update?

I just recently got my server online after the Argos update, and have found that players are unable to strike each other. They can target each other, but their weapon swings create no graphic and result in no damage. Thralls can still be targeted and create a combat graphic (knockback and blood spurt). This is a PVP-enabled server.

Is this a result of the Funcom update, or something else? Is anyone else experiencing the same?

I haven’t yet downloaded the update, but the standard question in this situation is if you’re using any mods and what those are.

We have this problem to.
When we try to Enabled the PVP, the line of ServerSetting.ini just removed…

I test this :

  1. Let the line “PVPEnabled=False” and run the server.
  2. After that, change False to True

If i change to True, the line just leave.

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