Is Saga of Blood PvP only?

When I created my character for the Saga of Blood server, it gave me the option to choose between PvE and PvP, like any other character.

I selected PvE as I do not like PvP in the least. I just want to play a game for a little fun, I have zero interest in attacking other players or to be attacked by them.

But, twice I’ve been attacked by other players. How can that be when I selected PvE? Was the PvE selection overruled because of the server? If so, I’ll be deleting the character.

If it’s a bug of some sort, then is it being addressed?

Saga of Blood is PvP. That selection is for the old servers: Crom (PvE) and Fury (PvP). When you click on “create Saga character” you can’t choose anything but the customization of your character.

That’s odd, because it did give me the PvE option at the beginning of CharGen.

Maybe that was some programming oversight. Ah well, now I know. Thanx!

what in image is how create a character on PvE server, Crom.
Fury is PvP server too.
If you click Create Saga Character you enter in one third temporary server; this server is one event, it will be deleted when event end, character on it transferred to fury and it is PvP only!!!

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