Is that bannable or forbidden?

I have read some post about this “trap” but i think this is no longer used on official… But from 2-3 days my clan try to raid 1 base… and every time when we aproach it we got some hell of a lag… Today we manage to brake the wall and found this .

This “trap” is all over the base in every major wall.Once we brake some wall it was verry funny that the whole structure is like 1 big torch at night :smiley:

Not up for us to decide if it’s bannable (my guess is yes though as it’s obviously intentionally designed to lag a server).

Report your findings via zendesk.

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Its designed to try get you frozen, but it not works anymore since armor changes.

Bannable or not, I think it is universal code for “please destroy everything I’ve built”. So you and the boys should get busy making your server a better place. Be blessed as you do Crom’s work.

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