Is the Account Recovery Email Form Broken Again?

I have been trying for a few days to recover my accounts, but the passwords the recovery form sends me never work.

Is there an alternative?

I experienced an issue with this also, I don’t think it has to do with the recovery form not working.
If you try to sign in and fail too many times in a row, it will lock out your IP for a period, 24 hours I think?

If you can change your IP, you will be able to immediately sign in. Sorry if this is not your problem. But I also experienced something similar to your issue and think this may be a solution for you. Resetting your router or going into your router web portal if a simple router restart doesn’t work is your option if you don’t want to wait.

This Problem could have few reason

  1. Copied incorrectly, or with missing/extra spaces or characters
  • triple-checking password was entered correctly
  1. Temporarily IP blocked from logging in (happens after too many attempts too quickly)
  • disabling VPN/proxies, refreshing the page, and trying again
  1. If you’re using a Vpn it may cause problems, try turning it off and trying again
  • passwords are copy pasted from AO email
  • Have been trying this only once a day
  • there are no VPNs involved

I want to re-sub and buy stuff in the cash shop, but this does not work.

Using I was finally able to reset the passwords for 5 of my 7-8 accounts ( 1 paid, 4 froob so far).
The 4 froob accounts all share the same email address.
When I tried to recover a fith account tied to that email address, the new password was not accepted, and I may have retried it too many times, which locked my access to the other 4 accounts tied to that email.

So I am hoping to go back one try per every 24 hours, does it make any difference which address should I use: