Is the Aspect of the Demon bucket-hat supposed to be LIGHT weight?

Bc I resent that I must wear the DRASTICALLY superior helmet that seems like it’s bugged to be light when it is intended to be heavy?

In my headcanon I thought, well the spiders are chitinous so maybe the helmet is made with chitin and thus the “heavy” helmet is actually light.

Anyway it’s ugly and I’d rather wear a hood so please fix this. Also everyone is wearing this helmet in pvp and it gets confusing.Please fix

I don’t use it, but I heard of it and quickly read about it on the wiki. It’s legendary trait probably that it is light, so you can fit it in a light armor build (bonus stamina recovery speed, and reduced delay, increased dodge), but grants additional armor just like heavies - plus its weight… ughh!

And nothing is a must. Sure, there are options which are better than others, but it is just one piece of armor out of hundreds.
If you want a hood, use this: Executioner's Hood - Official Conan Exiles Wiki

Also looks is completely objective I personally like its look. So I don’t see what the devs should fix. Just a light armor, that has stats similar to heavy ones.


Oh yeah,i farm the Executioners Hood for my heavy kit, bc I do not like the Wolf mask. I like to look a certain way, it’s superficial but it’s part of the game for me lol. Anyway I found out the light set is better for pvp in Siptah and I use the Dragonhide Hood for that unless things get sticky and then I pop on the Demon Aspect helm bc it cranks the damage resistance to nearly Heavy levels.

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