Is the Compass slightly "off"?

When i point my compass arrow exactly in the middle of the “W” letter for west, to fly exactly to the west, i keep going a bit south judging from the “y” coordinates.

Thats fine for videogames and small distances, but please don’t ever put FC in charge of space flight. Come to think of it , i don’t even know if they have east and west in space, praying to Mekka would be a right pain in the **s if they don’t.

For some reason i have to turn slightly to the right, so my arrow isn’t exactly in the middle of the letter, in order to not move any points in the “y” coords.

Are yalms not symmetrically aerodynamic?
You expect me to pay 50mil for a “29500 Poniard” , if it has those glaring design flaws.
Next thing you know it’s emissions don’t live upto the regulations,
like with that Volkswagen scandal, the second time Germany got into trouble because of gas emissions.

For north and south its harder, difficult to guess the middle of “N” or “S” though, but i assume it’s the same for them (i have a tendency to generalize).

I understand that i may be a bit obsessive and may be making a fuss over nothing, i mean i am 25% German after all.

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If you’re bothered by AO’s compass then Everquest will drive you insane.

Everquest devs apparently thought it entertaining to rotate the cardinal directions 90 degrees clock-wise, so the X-axis is S(neg) to N(pos) and the Y-axis is E(neg) to W(pos), like so:




I imagine it’s an issue to do with character width, i.e. the number of horizontal pixels needed to contain a W is more than required for an N.