Is the inner volcano (skellos) area supposed to be finished?

Game mode: [Online | Singleplayer]
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Region: [America]

I mean, the serpent man wielding bows slide instead of walking, and the scimitar ones hit you before actually attacking when they do the move where they go cross arm and then lunge, they hit you when they gent in position, BEFORE lunging; not to mention all have weird collision that lifts you and prevents you from attacking because you’re considered airbone or something.

The first boss always spawns inside the wall and doesn’t attack, also he drops The Shining Trapezohedron, as well as the last boss, which I think is weird since they’re supposed to be one-of-a-kind; also, his little minions all try to shot you with crossbows they don’t have.

A bunch of walls in the plaza/square have no collision, same with the boss’s chair; which, btw, his shades hits you after you’ve defeated them (I guess they aren’t unloaded fast enough). And who could forget the infamous death floor bug around the magma forge?

I mean, maybe I can give this a pass, from what I’m gathering, single player is broken AF, since no komodo dragon spawns in the dregs, and there’s no rain either.

I do use mods, but I reaaaaaaally doubt any of those could cause such BS.

mod list just because anyways:


Also, unrelated but I don’t want to make another post about it.
I finally meet Razma the other day, and I didn’t knew she was a ebony skin darfari with a hairstyle nothing like how she’s on the intro…
How you could mess up like that? :slight_smile: *** Conan already looks goofy at best, but this takes the cake.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.Just play the damn thing

Yes, just before release on SP PC, I ghosted into Razma’s house and she was just as the intro movie shows but naked also. Then after release of official finished game, she became a doppelganger, changed her model every time I entered her building…definitely using the wrong model there. There is a PC mod that says it fixes the issue, but I tend to shy away from mods until I get my weather back on SP PC. It hasn’t rained or snowed since patch 32 before it went live.