Is the Mod community working togehrer to make updat8ing of mods not a complete cluster?

It about says it all… one of the Major hassles when we were running our own server was the constant and unscheduled updates to the mods and the game itself. No one was talking to anyone else and mods would come down on any day at any time, making running aprivate server with mods a royal pain in the buttisimo…

I have done some searching ans have seen someone who created a widget to accomplish mod dl’ing, but that seems flaket… having not played since last Sept or so, has anything changed?


Steam does all the work for you when you use the workshop for mods. Its up for the modders themselves to update their mods.

However they cannot do that today since the updated devkit isn’t released for today’s update. After launch I don’t see this being an issue since the major portion of the game will be finished.

This is correct. They also have to wait for an update to the Dev Kit before they can update their mods.

Ok so… back to square one…

That program that shall not be named (dinosaurs and more) has a system where the mod’ers and the SW co have a system where the servers and clients just get automatically updated at launch. It makes the mod process dirt simple. It has been said that if this game does not follow suit, it will just drive people away…

Will the Mod community develop a plan to roll out updates on a scheduled basis and not whenever they feel like it? Is it talked about? Did no one else find this a major PITA?.. ( is it just me? or rather us?)

This is how steam workshop works. Whenever a mod is updated, you get the update during your normal update cycle on steam or when you launch Conan Exiles, whichever comes first.

The final version of the release devkit for Conan Exiles is online - the Modders are busy downloading

Buy stocks in coffee people :rofl:

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This will never happen, mod makers are not going to work together to put updates out at the same time.

Also the devkit that modders use is usually updated 1-2 days after a game patch anyway.

When the game goes final in a month there will be less need to update mods so much.

I would encourage Funcom and the Mod’ers to work out schedules.

When a server has multiple mods, from multiple writers, and they just upload whenever they want, it disrupts play, as not all players can be or are online at the same time. Our crew spans time zones across the globe.

The way it was last fall, every day the server was unavailable because a patch for a mod auto-uploaded to all us clients, but the server had to be rebooted in order for it all to be normal again…

The auto update to client side is fine, but the server side is an issue…

The way to solve this is to SCHEDULE updates to mods, and not just put them out when ever the mood strikes.

So… Devs,Mods, Funcom work TOGETHER to make the modding experience better for all of us, especially the non-geeks who want to play with mods, but the whole process scares them off… make it easy.

I don’t see that happening
It’s been part of the game since the first mod came out. Would have to be done STEAM-side, and I see even less chance of that happening. Not really anything Funcom can do, I think

If it is intolerable, play on unmodded servers or find a private server that has admin coverage 24-7

When I log in to servers in other games that use the steam workshop mods (Ark, etc.), and if I don’t have the mods installed, it will automatically start downloading the mods. When it is done, it will complete the server login and I start playing. I don’t have to worry about this bullcrap with making sure the mods are in the correct order, or trying to find out which mods to install. Why can’t the devs do that in Conan Exiles? This is, I think, the only game I have played that makes you know what’s on the server before you can play.


The devs are working in that Feature. When it will implement i dont know.

Indeed the system is a bit rough and could use some improvement. So far most mods do not interfere with others that do different things. Server Admin still has to make sure and test, then fill the gaps. Then…update test and check after every patch (Dev Kit Update)…sucks bad right now but was pretty good (server will return live after this stabilizes).

How I am and was handling this was via my own website that has the custom download + steam downloads and a screen pic of the load order. It worked great for a decent time in Early Access and recently with some peeps who want to test the RP/ERP Hardcore waters. It worked well actually. Simply check the date on the web page to see when last update and Dev Kit being updated info…done and done. I guess we all just shrug and do.