Is ther any adming on official servers? I dont know what to do whit the clan

The boss in my clan is hardly online (still lv 20) so i cant recute more members and if i leav i lose Everything i have done. What can i do? Cant realy be the bad boy and tear Everything down steal and build new. After all its still problem for most people to be able to log in around prime time when they can play.

Find a good clan. Hm… but it can already be 10/10 -))

Gl anyway

Yes i Think most of them are full. And hard to just drope all work i have done, spec in combo whit new players that like to join me…

Unless you have built a 4 story t3 castle filled with t3 thralls all by yourself you don’t loose anything.

Loosing stuff is a core part of this game, so don’t be afraid to loose everything. The higher level you are, the easier it is to get things back.


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