Is there a hierarchy to dps mainhands?

I recently got a Mesilande from a mission and while getting advice on whether to keep or sell it someone mentioned that I should keep it because AR is the best dps mainhand. When I inquired further I was told that there was a hierarchy to dps mainhands and that AR and Hammer sit at the top while pistol (the main I’ve been using since Savage Coast) was weak at best and terrible most of the time. Is there any truth to these statements? Is there an actual hierarchy to dps mainhands? I ask because if i plan on going to any dungeons anytime soon I want to use the best dps weapons so I don’t have to spent 5 minutes on an E2 boss when the group is 500 IP+.

I believe the only weapons that are pretty harsh in high elites are fist dps, sword and maybe chaos.
Everything else should work…I don’t know where you heard that pistols are low tier but personally can’t confirm it.

If you want some more indepth look into it:

Has a basic tierlist that also goes into the issues weapons can have…

Basically, AR/Hammer > everything. That’s tier 1 dps.
Tier 2 is Blood, Shotgun
Tier 3 is Elemental and Pistol
Tier 4 would be Fist, Blade and Chaos.

imo on the tiering, anyway. AR and Hammer are undeniably on top by a wide margin.

I would put Blade a lot higher. Around tier 2 based on it’s damage potential, only really suffering from being melee and lacking group utility.

I’ve heard good things about Chaos mainhand for DPS as well. Some of the parse happy people I roll with will look at megabosses and see Chaos MH DPS (ox in particular) rocking the charts.

I think that’s more a symptom of Ox being very well geared for any weapon.

The doppelganger build is decent. But it’s RNGeesus reliant. First you must get 8 paradoxes (RNG hits divisible by 8), then your paradoxes must produce a doppel (1/3 without Warped Visage) and then your doppel can do one of three attacks, each with different damage.

But the team buffs are nice.

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For whatever it’s worth, I’ve never managed to get Hammer/Chaos to be any better than may Chaos/Hammer build.

Oh yes. Get four doppelgangers when Warped Visage triggers, have them do the right attack, and watch bosses melt away like sugar in the rain.

But if RNGeesus hates you it feels like you’re doing less damage than the healer. (Which may easily be true if there is a sustain tank and the healer is set up to go dps.)

Try Hammer/SG and you’ll get a big spike.

Demolish>Demolish>Seethe>Eruption>Demolish>Shell Salvage>Demolish… poke some basics or an offhand attack in here and there until CDs come back, then smash away.

I did not ask for a build. I know how to play the game. My point is that I’m not convinced chaos is as bad as everyone keeps making it out to be.

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It’s almost like its the same skill.


In the endgame (purely DPS wise) it’s more like

  1. AR
  2. Hammer, Blade, Pistols, Blood, (Fists)
    3*) Elemental, Chaos, Shotgun

*) I’ve never seen any master with these weapons so far. Impossible to tell how these will perform if you only see them in wrong hands.

But much much more important is it’s more about player skill then the weapon. 98% of E5+ capable people looses much more because of their hands then because slight difference between weapons. So what’s the “best weapon” good for? Reminds me amateurs who “need” olympic grade sport equipment so they can even start training.

So instead of focusing on “the best weapon” you better focus on “your skills” and you will be ready for ANY content there is in the game, hopefully with any weapon.

Chaos main can be really, really good. It is also consistent, believe it or not.

Yet to see any impressive blade/pistol/fist mains, however, the pistols shouldn’t be “bad” per se - it has the potential to be really good according to napkin math.


what chaos weapon is best for dps?

Warped Visage I think is still king for chaos though I’ve seen players do some cool stuff with the one that procs more singularities.

Warped Visage is best for single-target DPS and either the Irregularity Architect or the Unwritten Tome are best for multi-target DPS (namely, for Occult Defence).