Is there a limit on lackeys and buildings? Xbox one?

I have this doubt because twice my profile stopped saving the game after I made 6 bases in different points of the map.
funcom and xbox claim that it may be corrupted profile, but if so, there’s no way to play singleplayer because I like to build structures and have several pets and minions, if each time there’s a problem in the profile, it’s infeasible in the game.

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I’m no expert, but that sounds to me less like a limitation imposed by the game and more like a limitation imposed by the hardware. I play singleplayer on pc, and if I build too many bases, and have too much stuff, then the game becomes laggier, and more prone to crash. That’s just because of the amount of load being put on the machine. The more building pieces, placeables, followers etc, the more your machine has to process. Eventually you just reach a limit of what it can handle. The reason it doesn’t crash consistently is probably that it only loads the bases you actually visit, so if you stay in one place, it might crash a little less frequently (then you could visit a different base, log out, and log back in, then stay there for a while). But basically the solution is probably going to have to be to slim down your empire a bit.


And placeables cause there own lag too so the more you put the less frames you get and eventually when you log in your base will be gone and all placeables will be floating in the air. The console or pc on single players will have much less power due to there being no server and client being separated. On single players yours acts as both where online the client is your device and server is run by some one else and both share the data and take loading and power where single players make you take all on the device you are using




thanks bro


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