Is there a list of all pet/thrall perks?

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Is there a list of pet/thrall perks and the chance % that the specific pet and or thrall may aquire the specific perks? I have checked the wiki but it’s rather difficult and I barely found a list for thrall food benefits to leveling along with horses so I am also in need of a complete list for pets if one exists as googling everytime I need to change the food is becoming heavily tedious.

random perks… and percentage too like i have sabre who has 89% damage and 60% HP… and other one is 54% 54% both… third is 60% 75%…

all perks are at wiki where u checked it… Follower Perks - Official Conan Exiles Wiki
pets also, only 100% possibility to know perks are named dogs, like brutus will get 15 15 15 perks all levels on str. Follower Perks - Official Conan Exiles Wiki


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