Is there a list that tells you what thrills go in what station?

I figured out the basic ones like carpenters and armorers, cooks and others but not sure on a few of them. Like artisanal station or torture station, or even furnace station. Is there a website or something with a list of them all?

Here you go


OH thanks GamersAhoy, I was going to reply but the link is far better.

Furnace is a Smelter.
Cauldron is an Alchemist
Torture is the same as a wheel if I remember correctly
Artisanal I am not sure about.

This is the player maintained and run Wiki:

Hope this helps out :slight_smile:

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The artisan table can be manned by carpenters & blacksmiths and the admin screen has a MASTERCRAFTER. I have not tried the carpenter or blacksmith yet on artisan table though just was told on these boards.

@GamersAhoy and @SirCharlesEdward I am pretty sure they are asking which thrall goes in which station. Good of you to provide a link to the thrall map which will help in finding them.

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Yes Cattobroa you are correct of course, sorry about the post. There is thrall spots on fire places also, not sure what thrall would work there, maybe cook?

Yes, cooks in the camp and bonfires.

I read somewhere that the resource use is reduced when using carpenters & blacksmiths on the artisan table, but have not checked this out yet.

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