Is there a mod out there that adds a 2x1 gate?

I need a 2 wide, 1 high gate for a stable door. I haven’t been able to find anything yet. Anyone know of a mod?

single player or private server?

Private server.

worshop or nexus

He was asking for a recommendation whether or not that mod exists yet or not.

To the topic - I honestly couldn’t say. There’s several options when it comes to new pieces but if new things get added it’s not always documented the best and you’ll always get roped into using the whole thing even if you just want the one object type (should it exist).

i’m not sure but i belive pythagoras has them

Not that I know of. Arena Pier, Northern Timber, and Gcam have 2x2’s.

I don’t see mention of a gate but thanks for suggestion.

Kind of interesting that no one has bothered to make a 2x1 which is all you’d need for smaller pets.

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