Is there a reason you can’t view thrall leve/xp from stats page?

I’m not sure if this is intended or not. Posting as bugs rather than suggestions because to me, it makes no sense.

Currently, you cannot access thralls xp and level from the stats page. You have to open thralls/pets inventory to view the level and xp of your thrall/horse/whatever.

One would think that the stats page would include all stats, especially level and Xp.

Horse inventory page, with level and xp listed:

Horse Stat page that doesn’t list horse level/xp


yeah, for some reason, the display of the xp and level in this screen happened to get under mesh, so we just can´t see it - same with the clan-thrall-counter :wink:

Hello @Arsenalcontrol, thank you for pointing this out, we’ll poke the developers to determine if it’s intentional or not!

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