Is there a Thrall that makes the Flawless Khitan?

There is no Khitan T4.
This is the one question Funcom never answered, and admin panels don’t lie.

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Not only I also know this previous and hard earned fame they had, but I suffered it myself, getting secret world + dlc on a bundle offer Funcom did themselves barely a couple months before announcing and releasing secret world legends, leaving my recent purchase (50€+ for full package) obsolete and relegated to legacy servers.

Felt like stabbed and afaik most of secret world players gave up game, got very pissed, and promised to never care about funcom again.

So I, similarily like you, knew their very bad, well deserved reputation before CE released, and ignored that bad reputation, got conan exiles, and tried to remain fairly positive.

Till now, I cant really keep saying I have faith in them after the orb scandal and now this with the DLC

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no disrespect but this is not a question that can be answered by the community in general discussion. I am more than happy to buy the DLC as the buildings look quite nice. However i would like the Armour to be usable at some point in time. But without a T4 khitan thrall in the game it is currently useless when compared with the other Armour available. I do not mind waiting for you to add the T4 thralls, but it would be nice to be given an approximate timeline for when you will be adding them.

Thanks in advance,

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I’m sorry but I checked admin panel for a rockslide to show my buddy what killed me because it didn’t spawn again for a while couldn’t find it

When there’s no T4 thrall the whole DLC is pointless!


WTF is going on with the censoring of our posts? off topic?
ops post hidden due to flagging, also mine, and the reply from another user to me?


I think it has to do with Tascha’s request for us to be respectful towards the company and each other.

There is a difference between being disrespectful and being critical. I don’t think people are being disrespectful, just critical of some game aspects. Which makes totally sense as long as it is not flaming.


I think particular posts become “censored” if enough people flag it as inappropriate. Some people may flag them because it’s “off-topic”, such as my particular post. The thread is about khitan gear, yet I rambled about their bad reputation following them ever since AoC. Others may flag it because they’re what you described as “butthurt trolls”.

I don’t think the mods would actively be censoring stuff like that if it weren’t flagged, because oddly enough, when I see a post that says it’s been “hidden”, I’m even more tempted to read what it says, so if they were trying to prevent people from reading those posts, all it would do is ensure more people would read it.

Back to the topic at hand, it’s been 6 flippin’ days now, has Funcom even said anything about the direction they’re going to take regarding fixing this entire mess?? Or are they going to keep 100% quiet until the supposed test-live patch hits live, and toss whatever “fix” they’re going to do in that??

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They addresses DLC balancing and issues in a community newsletter Monday:

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Fair enough, but I already knew that. I should’ve been a little more specific with my question. I know they said they’re “looking into it”, but I want to know if they’ve said anything more, like which direction they’re taking the “fix”?? Are they bringing the numbers up to what people have asked?? Are they lowering the material requirements so they’re easier to craft, even though most still won’t?? Are they thinking of making a cosmetic slot?? Stuff like that.

I don’t need to know the details, but at least knowing which direction they’re taking it would help a lot. A simple “we’re looking into it” doesn’t do much to bring hope if they remain quiet for a long period of time afterwards.

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It’s only been 5 days since the DLC was released and 2 days since they said they were looking into. I figure we’ll find out more in a week or two.

Personally, I don’t think it should take a week or two to determine which direction they are going to go with the dlc. They irked a lot of people who got refunds, or wish they could have gotten then, the least they could do is be open and honest with everyone about what they’re doing. That shouldn’t take as long as it is.


You can think whatever you please. I’m not the complaint recieving department.

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