Is there a way to rotate a foundation by EXACTLY (not approximately) 45°?

Here’s a question for geometry buffs. Starting from an already existing building, is there a way to place a foundation that is connected to the original structure, at a 45° angle relative to it?
No matter what I try, I can only make 150°, 120°, 90°, 60° and 30° angles.

This has probably to do with the triangular foundations and ceiling pieces, which are 60° triangles, thus rotation is in multiples of 30° to make proper connections.

[original building) (space) (random foundations, that lead back.) And off the new set, I get one at odd angle or etc.

What sucks, if piece you want near your base is abit to close, it can be pain to set walls and other things near it.

I ussally eyeball it, and set 1 and slowly drop them towards my base till i think I got what i wanted.
I manage to put to guard towers on edge of river(both sides) at off angles from main fort.

The problem with that is that you end up with separate entities. Each structure then has its own decay timer, and if you don’t visit them all regularly, some of them might decay without your noticing.

This only applies for structures with less than 6 pieces. As far as I know, if building parts are close to each other, they are counted as one entity for calculation of decay time.

plus your only building from 6-10 squares away, Not visiting shouldn’t be issue.

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