Is there a working wagon mod out there?

About to make a move from the desert to the highlands and we want to move or stuff without using cheats and crap like that. I was hoping there was a wagon mod but the only thing I find are wagons for show. Anyone?

50 encumbrance should allow you to take a lot with you, just don’t die.

Yeah I know I can just load up my bearer and myself… just seems like an opportunity for some mod developer to fill a need. :slight_smile:

I think there is a mod out there with a wagon placeable. So at least some of the 3d modelling is already done. I imagine making it function is quite another thing however.

It is, and about a quadrillion times more difficult. Though I don’t mean to neglect the skills of the modellers/texture artists, I got my first gig as a 3D modeller back in the ancient days after all.

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There are wagons with the mount update that dont move… I sooo wanted them to roll…

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