Is there an ETA for the Yellow Lotus Potion bug?

PlayStation user here,

I have been hearing reports of issues with Yellow Lotus Potion breaking the ability to Learn Sorcery, as well as the removal of some previously learned things that it shouldn’t be removing.

Has there been any information regarding a fix for this issue?


It is pretty annoying, but tbh, I still have yet to use a lotus potion on my official PvE server since I started it 4 years ago. The bestial memory potions are better since you don’t need to redo your feats. They may take a bit more to make, but they’re far more convenient. If they got rid of yellow lotus potions altogether, I’d honestly not mind at all.

i do not have a reliable way to get the raw ash required for the Beastial Potion, I have not travelled North yet…

Yeah, understandable. Your best bet is to power level if you haven’t yet, get a berserker at the mounds of the dead, and level it. Use max authority for stat boosts (or war party if you prefer) and farm the event at the end of the bridge of the betrayer. Any of the siptah monsters introduced in the new update drop raw ash… much easier than farming obsidian nodes in the volcano.

So, an additional problem I have, is that I have levelled up Corruption attributes in Vitality, Authority, and Strength, so now knocking out a Thrall is almost impossible due to damage to npcs from Attributes.

It would be nice if I could drink a potion to reset Attributes, but I feel kind of stuck where I am currently, as Yellow Lotus is only option, and I don’t want to break magic, or lose anything else.

bestial memory is also randomly loosing u recipes, so do not consider it a safe option. character with 5k hours lost pride of aesir armour recipe upon using bestial memory

Bestial memory potions are not resets for the knowledge/feats… they’re attributes only. That’s impossible. I’ve never seen them reset or remove anything else and used them TONS of times.

Wait, your thralls are too strong to wield a truncheon, or you are? If you’re referring to your own strength, use a thrall.

What I mean is that I have Corrupted Attributes, and now both when I deal damage, or take damage, there are damage effects.
This results in any npc I try to knock out die well before I have worn it down.

What kind of thralls are you trying to knock out? I know I have difficulty with exile named thralls sometimes and I’m not even corrupted. Have you been trying for berserkers or high level names like Nords, cimmerians, or volcano? I know you didn’t prior to this topic, but I strongly recommend you do so if you haven’t yet, especially if you’re as strong as you say you are. Berserkers and the like can take a far better beating without dying by concussive items. Also, you should stay back and let your thrall do the work after you get a good one. Try it on a berserker as you are now to get your first one. Unless you’re god tier and one shot everything in the game, then there’s ways around your situation without having to redo your attributes. I’m pretty sure the game is telling you to move on to the north already if you’re too strong for the lower regions. That doesn’t mean you need to relocate your base, but just farm elsewhere for thralls.

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