Is there an in-game source of information?

It seems I need to go to the internet to find out how to craft advanced weapons, armors and materials. Same thing goes for the pieces I need to put on the Chaosmouth Altar and even for some simple recipes, like bread. Not to mention the advanced recipes for compost and lotus potions.

Is there any in-game source of information that would allow me to find out about those things without having to resort to a wiki or a forum? I really think the game should tell you what you need to do in order to further your journey.

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There’s none that I know of. It would be helpful though, even an in game notes tab would be nice to see, sometimes I go braindead and forget a recipe for a while, if I could make my own recipe book it would be cool.


And general locations of plants and stuff - folks would know what grows in desert, what in grasslands etc. Doesn’t need to be specific.

No sources really. Most ingredients can be known once you acquire them in game and then check the appriopriate station. Others, like composting recipes and forge recipes, you learn by trial and error. The chaosmouth recipe you can infer from talking to a specific NPC in game.

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