Is there an official Discord?

Ok does anyone know of a Discord for this game? There is one for Secret World Classic, but the few links I find for the new game, the links are dead. Is there an actual discord and if so, can I get a working link? Since there are so few players when I log in, it would be nice to coordinate raids and dungeons.

Have you tried the link on the patcher? :wink:


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Yes, it says “Whoops… Unable to accept invite” I thought maybe it meant that it was an expired link.

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No, that is still the active link, and if I paste that into the “join server” box on discord (or just “secretworldlegends”) it also brings up the right server. There are new people joining every day, so I don’t know why it’s not working for you.


Just to be sure here, I have the same problem. Was I thrown off the server or is there something wrong with the server?

Is the server messed up for some reason? IE deleting users/displaying error messages?


You know what you did. Server is working as intended.

What did I do?

I dont listen or pay attention to ramblings of madmen?

What did I do? I never said anything bad to anyone there or here?
@AndyB Can you explain?

@rephaim What did I do except be polite and welcome new members?
I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about?