Is there any hope for pvp community?

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The last content update in April was rather PvP-centric, I wouldn’t expect anything more in the near future.

No weapon balance tweak no pvp.No new instance/map or at least reintroduce old instance/map no pvp.Pvp comunities are currently not very income-generating potential.Pvp comunity is small comparing to pve comunity especialy hardcore players because due to the nature of this game is pve/itemization heavy.So nope,not gonna happen in near furture.Even if they want to,they dont have that resource to consume to complete all those stuffs to make pvp vital.

As the one that did the Rosenbrawl Event it definitly had some traktion. It might not be what the hardcore pvp community likes but it is easier on the not pvp crowd or casual pvp players to get a foot in the door.

Shambala on the other hand would need some change in the meta. AR is annoyingly overpresented in it sniping you before you really even made it into the fight. So not seeing anything there until they rbalance weapons. If it were not for that we probably would see occassional pops.


I dont care about SWL PvP.

To even have satisfactory PvP is something what Funcom wont even begin to work for. Its too much work without chance to milk money out of it, not cost effective for stock holders.

If Abilities and Deck system wont change dramatically, EF wont be tweaked to count from gear Glyphs rather than pre-adjustement, I wont PvP in SWL.

Im done, had my fun with TSW. Its in my “sweet memories slot”, wont spoil it with poop. :smiley:

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currently, the quickest way to satisfy PvP fellowship might possibly be in-game Shambala matches so queue for them, it’s not faction based and I do find it very amusing to run non-uniform casual dress PVP.
rosenbrawl is kind of addictive if enough people are around to participate and to unlock achievements for it.

apart from that, current mood PVP events > rosenbrawl > shmbala.

I have 0 Kills in Legends same in TSW, PvP never interested me…
so the April’s update was rather disappointing, But If you like the PvP part of legends. don’t let me spoil your fun ^w^

But from the gist i can Read, Hear and See (in old videos) people quite did like Fussang
I think it could be great to have it back
Not just as a PvP thing, but reworked also into a PvE scenario. where you fight against 2 other Factions
in PvE, this could be Orochi and Phoenicians
instead of Templar vs Illiminati vs Dragon (causing some of your team possible fight against their chosen faction going Rogue)
But that is just my Idea for the Legends version of it.