Is there any hope Obi Wan?

Game mode: Online - Official Server 1523
Type of issue: Building failure
Server type: PVE
Region: US

Is there any hope that Funcom will fix the decay bugs? It is apparently such a low priority that programming expansion and such is trumping the build ability. Which if all the game was only PVP would make sense. But if you want to build, the bug is aggravating as all HECK! And it has been here since the beginning. We were told if you laid foundation pieces, at least 8 of them - the decay timer bug wouldn’t take out your stuff. but that’s not true. It really doesn’t matter what you do, the decay timers randomly destroy your builds. Not the major builds -those timers seem to work. But it is your foundations to your fish traps, your elevators, your Kilns with the named thralls. It doesn’t matter the material they are made out of, it doesn’t matter the last time you were there (3 days ago) your stuff will go poof and no one will respond if you raise issues. Oh, and I was trying to read your pinned post about reporting bugs like a pro (PLEASE READ) but it was removed in January.

Is there any hope from funcom that they might actually address the bug with the decay timers? It really gets old having to get the stuff to build Kilns, find and break named thralls to man them, all of the supplies to build foundations and such to have them disappear every 3 days. I know, you already have the money from us, so why would you care? But the fact you keep creating content to keep us buying DLCs would indicate a reasonable business would rather sell to existing customers than continuously find new customers to sell.

People who make DLCs and people who fix bugs are not the same people. Doing one isn’t taking away from the other. If anything, the revenue new DLCs bring in allow Funcom to continue supporting old content, including bug fixes.

The decay bug is a known issue, and I’m sure they’re trying to fix it.

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