Is there any variety in the purge?

I’m playing on an official PvE server.

I’ve had around 10 purges over 2 bases and each base gets the same 2 purges repeatedly. I know the game has a larger variety of purges and each area can get a variety of purges, but once a base is built is it eligible for the full variety of purges in that area? Or does the game just constantly give you the same 1-2 purge types repeatedly? It’s very boring.

There is a map:

I only get rocknoses.

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I play on Ps4 witch I know doesn’t have the same updates as PC . Over the Thanksgiving holiday. My wife and I had quite a few purges ranging from imps hyenas including a named thrall snakes with boss Cultists of Sobec and the crazy chef with the trusted cleaver and his friends many named thralls who in the end we had to kill because they were to many to knock out killed us multiple times probably 6 times apiece will put a bedroll downstairs next time bedroom is in the nose bleed section up top. One base near Semperatu one near on nubby river and 1 on island to the east not far from white tiger. It is location and luck of the draw in my opinion when you can get hit by imps in a place there’s none near by. Doesn’t necessarily hit last base built or by size.

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