Is there any way I can be compensated for items lost because of a server shutdown?

Yesterday around 11:30AM Official PvE server #3738 shut down without any warning of a server restart, no announcements as to when the server would be back up I sent in a report and even tweeted at the official Conan exiles twitter page to see if I could get an ETA to when they’d restore the server (or what even happened to begin with) because after checking the server list for hours on end nothing happened.

The server came back up sometime this morning but I was unable to prevent the decay of my lootbag when I discovered the server had come back up. I have screenshots of the event log. (It does not allow me to attach images because of how new my account is an links are not allowed so I’m not really sure to do)

I honestly don’t expect that I’ll be compensated for my lost items but I’d at least like some assurance that something like this won’t happen again.
Thank you for your time

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