Is there any way to change the clan admin?


since siptah came out we are on an official server. There were 10 of us at the beginning but little by little people have stopped playing. Now there are only two of us and we want to unite our tribe with that of some allies without losing things, but the administration shows no signs of life. We speak to him as discord and he does not answer us and, at some point in time, he has entered the game and does strange things like pick up armor and fall asleep in enemy bases. We are afraid that he will take us out of the tribe or that he will eliminate it. We have over 100 t4 warriors / archers with their eldar armor and it was all very expensive to master the server. Is there an option to solve this?

@Ignasi @Hugo?

Sounds like you have to load onto your char what you can and then leave the clan, there is no transfer of clan leadership as far as i know, except by the clan leader himself

pff … that would mean losing all the t4 warriors that we raised to lvl 20 and throwing away all the time we spent on it …

Yes, it does mean that. But that might beat the alternative where your leader kicks you out of the clan or starts destroying things.

Since there are two of you left, you have an advantage. One of you can stay in the clan, while the other leaves and starts a new one. In this way, the person in the old clan can shovel all of the resources to the person in the new clan. Pickup all the chests & workstations. Strip the weapons & armor off all of the placed thralls. You can even demolish sections of the old clan base so that the new clan can build in its spot.

Your clan admin might not respond to you or relinquish control. But see how he reacts when he signs in one day to find the base stripped bare and all of the servants standing around in the buff.


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