Is There Any Way To Get Items To A New Alt These Days?

With the new content out I am starting a new character (my old one is just too built up to really enjoy it. I spent too much time in Kaidan farming Keys while Laying Low In The Limelight.). I have a couple of really nice items I’ve been saving up to send over. I’ve tried the tricks I’ve found on line and on the Forums, but nothing works. I cannot even see items I’ve posted to the Auction House on one character when I log in with the new one. Any new tricks since I did this last, or have they managed to flat out make it impossible?

Get a friend to help. That’s the most straight forward way to do it.

Thanks. I will see if I can scare up some old friends in game.

If you run your own cabal, you can have both characters join it and move through the cabal bank. Need a third person to invite your alt though iirc.

Be patron. Form cabal of one. Get friend to invite alt to cabal. Use Cabal bank.

Many thanks to all of you for the information!
I got my girlfriend an FTP account and she transferred the stuff over for me.
Now if I can only convince her to actually start PLAYING :wink:


Do you need to remind her that there’s a whole new wardrobe to fill?

One can never have enough hats, gloves and shoes…