Is there any way to lower accuracy temporarily?

This is not a bug, just asking the experts.

Knocking out t1-t3 thralls with a basic bow (crafted from inventory) and blunt arrows kills them.

Since the lowest damage bow is what I’m using, I can only assume high accuracy is the problem. I don’t remember exactly what it is, but more than halfway. Level 38-ish

I could respec, but have no access to raw ash presently.

Thanks, in advance


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You must add the blunt mod to the bow.

Also, don’t do head shots.

I use an mid-range bow with the top level blunt modifier, and blunt arrows. 9/10 times one shot midsection on a regular NPC knocks them right out. Higher levels might take two or three shots.


Perfect answer, @SylenThunder, I did not know the blunt mod could be added to a bow.

Straight to the point with the problem-avoidance added in. I learned few things.

Thanks !


I agree, it’s set to hight for starter npc’s.
That’s bit the problem with archery at this moment, while it’s powerful nearly at start, it lose more and more over time, becoming slightly dull at hight level.

While my low level char can one-shot ennemis, my level 60 char need tons of arrows, and has mostly to finish the work by hand.
I love archery, and the new arrows, and i don’t have the exact recipe for the perfect balance, but the blunt arrows are just part of the archery balance problem.

I’m not sure how you define low level, really. I just hit 41 on this server and still having fun, but around the river/Pagoda.

@SylenThunder had the answer to the blunts and I will try them out after I recover from an offline purge. It sounds plausible, the Lemurians will never know what hit them !

The poison arrow rocks once you get to know how to keep the target in the cloud and hardened steel arrows are deadly at a distance.

I like it so far and will find out if that holds up north :smile:

Actually, the blunts could be used in Sep if you found the right distance and line of sight. I may try that after a while.



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