Is there anything yet about thrall limit?

i have not heard anything so far.

Better ask.

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So far just a lot of complaints for and against and I quits from a 2 year old post I gave up reading about 70 something. Will be here when it gets.

Hey @Palm522

Once we approach the date of its activation in official servers, we will release an announcement with all the information, including cap levels per server type, the day it will be enabled and other important bits.


thank you, I am glad to suppose (based on your text that we will have different settings aimed at server type this is great )

Thanks for your reply @Ignasis

Please do give us some time so we can work on getting within the thrall limits , thanks

Yes, we aim to give ample time in advance to prepare for the cap.
We would share more specific details now if we had them, but this is still being discussed now as we speak so there are no details set in stone other than the cap is coming for official servers.