Is there ANYWAY to contact Moderators or Admins?



Server 1818 is experiencing the griefing if three Japanese players who are spamming as much of the map as possible with foundations and lag inducing buildings, blocking off players and even all of the starting river…With the leader of the clan openly admitting to us all that he is trying to get the server to crash with “architecture”…This is becoming a problem to an extreme level and the entire server of 1818 wants these creeps out…

I have looked everywhere but is there ANYWAY to contact moderators or admins or some kind of help-line number or SOMETHING to take these jerks down???


Please see the following forum post from Funcom:

Send proof to the exploit hunter email from the post. If they have completely blocked access from the starting spawn point into the rest of the game, then its likely Funcom will take action. Provide funcom with screenshot or video evidence of the blockade. Unfortunately no typical Admin or moderator for the official servers with Funcom only investigating and taking action against extreme cases.


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