Is there gonna be a Ps4 Pro upgrade?

Does anyone know if there will be a ps4 pro/Xbox 1X update? The new patch released today has messed with the draw distance and is causing some popins. I understand this may have been done to alleviate stresses on the standard consoles but now ps4 pro has to suffer when it is well capable of rendering the draw distances. Also the lod on faces and some very nearby objects like cooking fires and furnaces for example the textures take awhile to appear. I noticed this since the patch.

I don’t mind if they keep the resolution at 1080P but texture and popins and draw distance needs to be adressed.

Any other ps4 pro players noticed this since the patch?

Was the thrall health bug fixed? Cause thralls were not regenerating over time. Ik this was a know issue and it was said it was being addressed in this patch.

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