Is There More Meat Coming For 2.2?

The bug fixes are great. The changes to stamina I can live with. The nerfs to the Nemdian and Yog etc. are really not needed. But the changes to combat are pretty underwhelming. I thought there was a hint given by Alex that we might see more than 1 thrall being used. I know you can use the better thralls mod but I’d like to see that functionality integrated into the game. I guess I was just expecting more. Will there be a 2.2.1 that adds more?

Also, Siptah really needs new content and endgame loops. I haven’t played for a few weeks and am anxiously looking forward to some reason to go back.


There will be more think they release piece by piece to help nail it better in terms of stability instead of almost 6k changes with siptah but more will come just slow/fast depending on how you see it

We played it for 2 weeks, and went back to Exiles.

Hey there,

The current focus of 2.2 is of bug-fixing. We decided to focus on that instead of the planned combat changes as we wanted a more stable foundation for any possible changes and content added afterwards. Some of the changes that were coming with the originally planned combat update still made it, namely the stamina, shield and some slight AI adjustments. Others will be incorporated in future updates in a more granular way.
2.2 will still receive some iterations to it as we iron out current issues with it, but content-wise, it’s not scheduled to receive any more additions than bug fixes and fine-tuning balance.


So it will be even longer until mounts get balanced in PvP? That is disappointing.

did they even said something about mounts? There was 0 info about them changing anything about mounts.


I’d like to see another twitch stream where lead designer and other will explain reason of changes and at least drop something about their future plans with game. Because right now game just looks like another early access survival game in steam. Full of bugs and halfarsed content.

Nope, nothing about mounts. But that’s probably the second biggest issue with PvP right now, after the rampant cheating that is killing servers left and right.

Good news: this is a solid and logical approach that I fully support and I think, given many of the other posts here, will also please many players.


Test live players say its more of a weapons nerf than a bug fix.

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According to Ignasis in this post the “weapons nerf” in TestLive was huge, and unintended and is one of the “bugs” to be fixed.

Yes, as addressed multiple times, it is unintended and it’s going to be fixed. It was most likely caused by corrupt datatables or a bad merge. Similar to the rocknose sounds bug.

Hey Ignanis. Why you don’t put 3/4 reset during the day in console official servers? A reset 1 hour before raid start it could be appreciated to “ fix” temporarily this pork glitch. At reset the thralls lose their buffs… this can make the game enjoyable. I don’t think this set up needs a patch, it’s just server settings , isn’t it?

Disappointing for some, whereas others have stated multiple times that they’d prefer Funcom to focus on bug fixing first, content later. They can’t please everyone - someone always gets their wish delayed until next Christmas.

I would personally classify the complete unbalanced nature of mounts as a bug and not “content,” but your point is still taken. Still, it’s not unreasonable to assume that a “combat” update would address the biggest issue with combat (as opposed to a stamina change that no one asked for).

But either way, the biggest issue for anyone not on a private server is the rampant cheating that is killing the game. I think Funcom needs to do everything they can to address this before anything else or their game may as well be private-server-only.

2.2 cannot come soon enough. Ignasis, if you guys are focused on bug fixes, why not release the bug fixes and separately release the content updates? There are multiple servers that are crashing every few minutes due to exploits that are allegedly fixed in this new update. Please hurry.

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