Is there still an RP going on here?

Sounds good :+1:

Your desire to guess who I am or who I am not is rather sad, and honestly, quite pathetic. Were you active at all on this game, or on this games forum, you would see that I post frequently. And as stated, the last two RP guilds I have been with were EoS/HJA and HM.

First you accused me of referring to you as a Martyr, of which I didn’t. Had you actually understood my
post, you would have easily seen that I had been referring to a certain Stygian Priest and a certain Aquilonian Noble. Since you have obviously chosen to ignore this to point in your reply I felt I would once more, point it out since it was something you chose to think was aimed at you.

I pointed out that over the months you and your guild were active, you were not a major part of the RP scene at all. And literally anyactive RPer frequenting any RP hub at that time can easily confirm that. My normal haunts are in fact the SHI and the Carp and I frequent those places, as well as others with long time friends multiple times a week, just as I have for numerous years now. Were you to become active again and actually partake in the community I would gladly welcome it, as I had said earlier.

I have been guildless for 9 months, or freelance as I call it, because I could not tolerate being in EoS (OR HJA) and my time in Merano was exceptionally short spent due personal issues with another member. The reason I did not like EoS/HJA was the lack of people who were interested in RP and the merging of lore from multiple other psuedo world states. LIke Akhmen here, I am a bit of a lore purist, and not just for Stygians, however I am also no purist snob and gladly RP with anyone regardless of level and style of RP (minus erp).

I wish Bringers of Fire well as well. The lady who owns it as of January 15th is a British lass who seems to genuinely care for the people of the guild and has went out of her way to provide an environment where RPers can be without anyone on an ego trip. I do not see many of them active in RP but I would rather there be an RP friendly guild that also teaches PvE because there are many PvE guilds that do not understand why anyone would RP and some of them go as far as to mock them or troll them.

My accusations are not false. Were you anything active, RP or not, you would have engaged with the community in any other matter than the spamming of your banners and posting a mere handfull of times on a communal website for the RP community and generally, snubbing them with a refusal to have your own subforum to which interested parties could have posted questions and could have been used to post those RP events that you never delivered… Sure, leveling does not mean much for RP, but when you do not go to any of the RP places and multiple RPers confirm this and have taken offense to you not really partaking in the community (and you could easily find out what the RP community thought of your guild and no one ever being in the RP hubs and then disappearing off the face of the earth), it makes one wonder why you would even be online in the game.

If you would like to know who I am I will gladly tell you in a private message. I see no further point in communicating with you on here when it is clear you have nothing to offer the RP community other than good wishes, rather than engaging with us in the actual game and actually going to the RP hubs to RP.

As for you, Akhem, I would enjoy the possibility of an IC meet up sometime. I am on holiday until next Thursday and will probably not be in game much other than to tag a worldboss on my characters.


The Experiences of some RPers were pretty screwed up by the mess that was HJA/EoS and Late HM…I am a bit biased to the Old Merano, I admit, and for some unknown reason I couldn’t fit in EoS when I tried Ages ago, even before I consumed REH’s lore, so I understand where you’re coming from, which is what we’re hoping to rectify, trying to get the Quality RPers back somehow, we’re still hammering out the finer details of the New (and improved) guild, including a new name…So I won’t be extending any official invites (not yet anyway) although, I hope we meet ICly post your return, till then, Happy hunting :grin:

You can add me to ur friend list and PM me ingame if you wish to meet up or discuss characters and how you can integrate (if you wish to integrate, ofc) or just for the shenanigans of it, I am always responsive to tells ingame and would be delighted to answer all queries :smile::nerd_face:

I remember the watchtower of Kastria from the last few days before I had to, for unforeseen reasons, take time off and I admired the idea and the basis behind it, and if I could offer advice, I would suggest you try to revitalize it because Aquilonian RP lost its hub with the Main head’s departure to the Exiled Lands, so now may be a good time to try to make a soft reboot of sorts, if you are interested in trying, I refuse to believe this community is sated with its current state and I also reject the whole “two majors control the whole scene” ideal, I actually prefer for each culture to be represented as fragmenting and divisive this sounds, it is as it should be, Hyboria is a land of alliances NOT Conglomerations

rp is srs bsns


Hear hear, my friend. Your insight is on point, and i thank you for the encouragement, on behalf of the guild. You’ll definitely hear from us again, when the time is right.

We’ll try not to spam global too much. :relieved:

For all the wrong reasons, for some. Exactly the kind of drama we, as a guild, try to steer clear from.

You seem to want to have last say in our interaction. I’ll give you that. Just don’t force me to repeat myself regarding your accusations. As stated before:

. We were at the point of launching our first open-world RP events when the guild was nearly dismantled. Did we take too long to initiate open-world RP? You’re maybe right about that, but we were still organizing as a guild, first and foremost. The stronger the foundations, the stronger the house. Or Citadel, to be precise.
No promises were left unfullfilled, as we hadn’t even announced anything to the community yet. We were working with HM’s leadership directly in preparation for that, and everything was kept secret until launch, as it should be (As such, it’s quite… Unusual that you know of our planned events).
That also explains our “absence” from the main RP scene, another of your accusations. There was in-guild RP taking place already, and plans to encourage de-centralization of the usual RP hubs after our events launched. Every story has a beginning. The stage was being set.

. I have no desire to know your identity. I suspect i already do, and even if wrong in my assumption, the reply is, as stated earlier, still valid.

. Once again, we never spammed global, nor were any of our announcers sitting still while advertising. And even if they were, that is their choice, not yours.
As for accepting a subforum in the main AoCRPCommunity website, we respectfully opted against it for the reasons already stated, nevertheless posting as guests on the AoCRP forums and even opening an alliances subforum and even a guest section in our website for the questions and suggestions you mention.
Many other RP guilds did the same or similar, and i respect and support their decision. To borrow Akhmenukep’s words: Alliances, not conglomerates.
Our guild’s behaviour has always been as clear as our intentions. No toxicity, respect for the RP community and the game itself, self-reliance.
We did not spam global, Amelias. Ever.

. As much as you’d like to, you don’t speak for the RP community. Your opinion is yours alone, and attempting to discredit us using that argument is a bad excuse for a fallacy. I’m a veteran such as yourself, and the community, small as it may be, has many voices and opinions. The only “hate” we received so far was from our rogue officer, one of their friends, and now you. Plus, relatively unknown as we were then, how could “the community” have formed such a negative impression of us, if we hadn’t even been IC introduced to them?
Having dismantled that argument, and since i suspect your next claim to discredit us will be “toxic leadership”, let me save you the trouble and state that it too, is false. Respect and friendliness are part of our rules, and they apply to both members and officers alike.

. We had, have and will again make our contribution to the RP community and the game itself in the near future, if our plans can come to fruition.
Should you ever meet one of us ingame, try to be nice. We will respond accordingly, that i can promise you.

Se you all in Hyboria, friends and noble enemies alike.

Just settle it in the khemi duel arena already.

God I miss Aquilonia existing. Least then squabbles got sorted out the right way.

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I posted in the other thread with my character information. I wanted to see if anyone can toss me a guild invite for RP if any are available. Just send me in-game mail to Lapid or Owryn. Also, discord is Savage#3827

I talked to someone from House Merano today in Tortage. They said someone had tried to destroy the guild, but they’ve been kicked out along with his associates and House Merano was back and rebuilding.

Well lore wise we came to an agreement on this topic and saga blood indicates the army of stygia (well at least our house) was highly used!

Nothing like a good RP argument to prove we are all still here. While I dont appreciate the Viziers insults to my guild above I do not deny them and pray he remembers the compromise as we move forward.

Yes I believe in a dynamic world rp setting.

Yes I believe we are roleplaying in a world based on REH but not dictated by REH and the “lore” evolves with our actions.

Yes EOS has had a profound impact on the RP environ over 10 yrs and that shouldnt be ignored.

Glad to see you all have interest…remember we have few people and no room for fighting. Compromise between interested players is better then schism. There is no room for distaste.

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Decided to bring in my answers/thoughts for the OP.

RP is currently in a very mixed state on the server. No large RP guilds really exist, there are a bundle of smaller ones and some of them are trying to keep some form of backstory for the guild itself (i.e. noble house, merc band etc) but most are just “there”.

Some of these guilds are RPing by themselves in guild cities and whatnot, whereas some people visit SHI regularly. And the RP quality between these guilds/players vary drastically. This is usually what can turn a player from the RP scene entirely, if they only encounter RP that wasn’t for their liking.

After 6 years in this game, mostly RPing, I’ve seen many RP guilds rise, fall, go into hiatus and the whatnot. But it is always good to see people reemerge and still find interest for the RP in this game, which I love a lot.

My latest shenanigan was to convert the remains of this guild of ours into a free for all RP guild, meaning it is open ended and all character types can join. Mainly the guild works as a hub/platform for players to plan and execute RP in general, and won’t be a noble house/army. Alliances and rivalries between the characters are encouraged within the guild, as long as the lovely drama stays away.
Guild in question is called The Gathering [RP].

I hope to one day see these characters and players once more RPing together in various places, events and the like, just like back in the good old days.

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Look forward to seeing some good rpers around :smiley:

In EMPIRE of stygia we have several on going plots. We are an rp focused guild with a very active rp discord channel.

Today I spent several hours talking and working on RP.

Our latest project surrounds the brewing stygian civil war between the followers of Ptah, his father Neverlin and those loyal to the King Rpd by Akhmenukep.

All awhile the Amun Ra plot line continues to progress.

Please contact me if you are interested.

I believe House Merano is very alive

Like whom?

because they are active ingame and on discord. Very friendly players <3

I saw a couple House Merano’s and some unguilded rpers in SHI a day or so ago. It seems to that most rp is underground, happening only in guilds, etc.

I would like to see more rp in the open, events for all and so on. I do realize the rp base is very small.

Also, I will add my notion of rp, or character and personality driven- simply assume a role within REH although not overly strict. A cimmerian would be distrustful of a stygian, but that shouldn’t prevent interaction or even perhaps tolerance or friendship.

Erp is a different thing, to each their own. Not what I would be into.

PvP could be useful to solve disputes, duel for honor, and wars- but I see pve could be just as viable for character rp.

Lastly, I am afraid with the over all low population now, and even lower rper population, chances are really low of rping.

I’m looking for a rp community, or trying to create a new one, the game is very toxic, there’s nothing fun solo, so it would be great if the rp community came back to have fun

one thread ago you opened on thread where you asked to make AoC solo single player for be in solo, now there is no fun in solo? :man_facepalming: