Is this a bug or something is broken in my game?

i noticed since launch the player body and thralls that practicly aline their feet according to the surface they stand on…but then after a second standing still the body is kind of reset to a stiff stand with your legsignoreing the surface hight and such…examples in pictures here

i wonder if this is something on my end or its evryone problem too :confused:

i see no bug! after all there is magic in CE XD

jokes aside this happens to all… if u carefully walk on the edge u can stand mid air also :wink:

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my guy have mean muscle on his legs to stand like that…

its the pict genes ;D

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but to be honest i really hope the dev will solve this someday…its really an eye gouging thing…and i lvoe the fact they do bend their legs when they stand on uneavan surface…so many cool poses you can get… XD

Believe it or not, it used to work correctly, back in the day. They broke it somehow, and it is probably scraping the bottom of the priority list.


when you say “it used to work” you mean the diffrent hight point and how the legs were standing on it was like in the bottom picture all the time or it would still snap back to the upper picture after a second of not moving?

I mean it used to not snap back. Funcom has a way of getting things right and then breaking them. Most likely this was a biproduct of a change.

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