Is this a known issue?

The issue being (on PC at least) a crash issue when using the admin panel? I’m on my own solo game. Also…somewhat techtarded so if there’s a fix think fixes for dummies lol Thank you in advance for any help/information!

When using the admin panel your able to generate “spawn” a lot more items in quick succession, passing the main game mechanics or editing the game objects. This is bound to cause some problems when saving the game (it saves automatically) resulting in errors or overload. But that is just mine opinion as a modder.

Stay safe with editing.

Depends what your doing, like above mentions. Doing certain actions in any Admin Panel can cause issues.

Spawning item that doesn’t work right, isnt finished, doesnt have mesh(give or take how game handles the error)
Spamming items like a nut, trying make it rain 1mil items or something.

Are you crashing right as you click it? (few users on xbox reporting that) or after messing around?

I think you will need to be specific about what you were doing utilising the Admin panel when the game crashed…

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