Is this a me problem or a funcom problem?

Probably, but you need to have the appropriate layout of triangles and squares to compensate for the circular towers that you threw into the mix. Without seeing the complete floor plan, it’s hard to reason about it.

So if you can’t live with this minor problems i will suggest 2 things.
1st! Place foundations on the ceilings and then place fence foundations on the gap, probably the visual gap will close.
2nd. Dismantle the left part of the bridge and attach it correctly to the right part. When you reach the shore place stairs to go down to the shore and create your path with stone pave walks from Hyborian dlc.
If you need to attach perfectly without the above solutions you have to keen the pattern and numbers of placed ceilings so your path will close perfectly

I’ve often run into this problem when I go to wild on wedges, but there is a way to close up gaps like these, make sure that one end is 1 click lower than the other(roughly the thickness of a ceiling) then make the higher one overlap the lower with a ceiling tile, it is not a perfect solution and can sometimes be a bit tricky to place, but I found it working to close up gaps :slight_smile:


Put a carpet on top :laughing:


You got sloppy.
Re-examine your origin points.
Somewhere in your build you have an inconsistency with the rule of 6.
You’ll have to find where you made your mistake and the fix isn’t complicated.
But you’re going to be rebuilding at least 1 section.
On the bright side, when you’re done it will be more neat, clean and you won’t have
an open gap.

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This project reminds me of a building that Daeso who dares uploaded on Multis discord sometime ago! In a bigger scale of the back yard, it will be exactly the one!


I don’t know if you’ve ever played in single-player, but that’s what it looks like when you’re flying around in admin mode, in first-person view.

That ain’t no official server you’re looking at.

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That sounds like a threat.

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