Is this a new Altar Bug?

Hi i have a Question about the Altars , after the last Patch it seems we cant generate the Tokens for making shields Avatrs even the Altar Upgrade. Is this a Bug or are the Tokens just invisible?

Which alters have you noticed this on?

Pit of yog working for me on SP. Upgraded to tier 2 still working

Ok for example Ymir Altar before the Patch you got those Tokens from the Axe, now we only get it from the other Items but that takes so long for a small Clan to generate Tokens, i didnt see that on Patchnotes so it has to be a Bug.

Maybe slipped through. Read in patch notes that I can not find now there were changes made to the altars where crafting things in the altars would no longer give zeal. I’m pretty sure it’s intentional not a bug

Yeah found it in the 4/7 patch. Balance pass on amount of zeal

yay… ok no Bug , i thank you