Is this a virus or DDOS?

I’ve noticed that when a certain individual logs in, it is like the server is being spammed. I thought maybe I could ignore this, and it’ll go away. This happens again and again. I can’t tell if the individual has a virus or if there is intent to DDOS the server.

After they log off and I’m still on, It is like I’m being hit with spam for awhile after. It’s like it feeds other bots to ramp up the spam until it becomes unplayable.

You can always tell when the server is being DDOS’d because the screen for the playerlist is incomplete. It seems the “invite” button goes missing.

If you get hit when they log in and when they log off, they probably have too much crap in their base that is taking active memory from the server and the server needs time to adjust to what it needs to put in active memory and what it needs to take away. It probably isn’t DDOS because it’s linked to logging in and out. DDOS happens while they are playing for a while and at the right moment (IE their base is getting attacked) the server crashes.

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That surely is possible. They have taken all the choice spots.

What is strange is that when other members of the clan log on, it doesn’t do that. I felt like approaching the player somehow about it.

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Maybe the other teammates have ps5 and the one with issues ps4! Whenever I log in or approach huge bases my ps4 almost crushing or stand still for long time to leave the console render the situation! Maybe, I just said something stupid🤷‍♂️

I’m not pointing fingers at the PS4. This issue looks more like a bot. Bots can be parasites.

I get the hint that these parasites are coming from big clans in very viral cases. They are being called third-party programs. They seem to spread clan-ware.

I guess we have to reason with it, for now.

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