Is this considered fair

To train 38 greater Rhino, 28 greater Bears and an assortment of 65 wolves and hyena all stored in chests undeployed. Oh, almost forgot the 146 archers and 32 fighters all stored in chests waiting deployment too. Then one day load them all up along with a catapult, it’s ammo and repair mats with an encumbrance build for transportation. Then deploy the entire army right at your enemies base at start of raid time?

Is that fair?

Thats quite a lot of preparation, but i dont see whats unfair about it?

Sounds like the defender needs poison arrows and orbs, 5 minutes all those will be dead and his hours and hours of collecting them gone

Pro tip, you put standstorm masks on the front line thralls. I only have 60 atm though. The pets defend the catapult. Reserve 50% not deployed until needed.

Besides, I don’t think you realize that you will have to come out and deal with the catapult. Running up to a catapult platform surrounded by thralls to toss gas orbs will be a bit rough, unless you have a thousand gas arrows laying around.

Gas arrows only cost ichor, some iron arrows and feathers.

If anything, they are the go-to anti-thrall chemical weapons.


wow that sounds like it would be an epic youtube video clip to watch :slight_smile:

ive only got 1 pet Shaleback, and he follows me around and protected me from 2 purges on solo.
(i do have about 5 more, and 3 crocs, and 4 hyenas training up currently, split amongst 2 basic animal pens)

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Unless your trebuchet is in or on a building that cant be climbed, the defender runs out with one bomb and a stone sword. Base defended.

does a sandstorm mask protect 100% from gas orbs?

if so, then i guess this npc should have worn one :slight_smile:

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