Is this definetly getting banned? We caught them

We had the suspect on some guys on the server that did undermap hacks to raid other players bases, we didn t get raid because were “friendly” with them, i ll say smart. So other player’s base was raided earlier today, they told us they built a catapult undermap and we went to see it with the skinning knife to see the undermap. Here i ll post the video for you my friends to judge if this is definetly getting banned, we want people to play fair, they spent lot of hours not to have some exploiter to just raid it easy like that. I ll report after your answers.

Server is #3037 on PS4
SISTEMA BRUTO, that’s the hacker clan. You can stop the video and see the name.

Here’s the video on youtube:


Nobody’s getting banned unless you actually follow the process stated in the rules. So instead of posting YouTube videos and linking them on the forums, just report them the way you’re supposed to.


in our server #3558 on ps4 we found a guy sleeping inside the black keep, and in behind a wall there is a dancer, a horse and a honeycomb, i dont know how to reported well

@TheEmiLiNaToR and @MilioK1707, your best bet is to send a Private Message to either Ignasis or Hugo our Community Managers. Include as much evidence as you possibly can in the PM, be polite and constructive. However, do NOT post user or clan names or videos here in public threads, or the thread will likely be closed. Follow the instructions contained in the link provided by CodeMage, ie-the ones in here:


i´ll try to send DM to the comunity but im too new to attach pictures lol

You can send them a link to posted pictures. Here’s a 3rd party website that lets you post images.



There’s a section in the rules that explains how to solve that:

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great thanks i´ll do that

Please do read our forum guidelines: