Is this game gonna shut down anytime soon?

I really don’t want this to happen, but if there are whispers, tell me so I rush to level 80.

Also, if it’s gonna happen, can you tell me how early they tell? I think they should inform us 1 year before they do it.

tencent (a wealthy company). He have buy conan. so it probably won’t happen

I haven’t heard that they failed :frowning:

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There are NO whispers or indications they’re going to shut down AoC any time soon.

Considering it’s in maintenance mode and no one’s minding the store, odds are it’ll live on for years just because they forgot the game was running.

But if they do shut the game down I’m sure the announcement will come a couple days after the fact.


It’s basically like Milton’s paycheck. It will keep running until they “fix the glitch.”

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In order to shut it down, they would have to first acknowledge its existence.

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I think a lot of people cite Anarchy online which came out in the early 2000s and is still running. Funcom doesn’t shut down their old games, they just abandon them.


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What about Lego Online?

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I hadn’t kept up with that game but after looking it up I see what you mean. Well then, I stand corrected :saluting_face: