Is this game still active?

Is this game still active, used to play this game back in 2009 to 2013


Find an active guild and you’ll have stuff to do. If not it might be a bit limited. Not sure what time zone you’re most active at, but prime time is mostly EU now even though some US guilds still raids.

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There are people still playing but not that many and i don’t blame them because Funcom has already forgot this game and the community and i am pretty sure, i hope from my heart to be wrong that this game will shut down anytime soon because right now is running just to “milk” little bit money… PvP is unbalanced and full of hackers, p2w is atrocious in this game so the only thing to do… well, is up to you how you play this game ! I feel sad that a game with a lot of potential even now in 2019 is left behind in a slow death by an incompetent company called Funcom.