Is this glitch known?

Server #1999 PvP SA,

I beleive this is the biggest cave in the game?

Atop of it, a weird Venezuelan clan with character names of faces, built in a place where there are some “dark” glitch, I never saw or heard about that since today when I climbed over there.

Its like a thin dark lane that doesnt let you see whats beyond it, but when you pass the vision goes back to normal, this is a blend of the two.

The Clan’s name.

More of the base.

The base location itself is a very easily defensible location, nothing wrong or illegal about it.

The “dark line” you see in the sky happens at certain altitudes and is caused by a god shield being on. We’ve encountered it lots before…pain in the butt when working to raid it…but nothing wrong here either.


I see, thanks for the reply, as I never saw it, I was afraid of that being caused by the strange clan.

People are strange, when you’re a stranger…

Faces look ugly when you’re alone…

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