Is this Lane claim abuse

And they have foundations for walls all the way around the baseProcessing: 16478726324176930819970028237548.jpg…


In my opinion that is indeed a form of land claim. Take as many screen grabs as you can and fill in a report to Zendesk.

I had a base in that spot for years. It looks more like they are on the beginning process of a build. They seem to have built a bridge for easy of travel across from the OB. I personally feel you are being hyper sensitive. However this is just the opinion of one long time Official PvE player.

Tho in light of the new building rules if it probably out of compliance……


1 question for you… are you fighting this clan?

Seguro que si, los jugadores suelen denunciar a clanes que estén luchando para que les borren la base y no les jodan jajaj

It needs to die simply due to aesthetics but yes it’s land claim that warrants a report. HOWEVER this isn’t the vehicle of reporting.

Here is the link for reporting

My server got shut down and had to move to this one they raided my little base that had my stuff in it before I made a new one so anyway yes I’m fighting with them there’s no excuse to break the TOs of the game I got banned twice because of it

Just don’t do land clean for no reason and be toxic to other players everyone know it’s a PVP game but if you be toxic everyone’s going to be toxic and don’t break the TOs it’s not my fault you don’t like to look at the rules of the game

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While I don’t like the intent either, I think you are missing why officials are hurting…it’s not because of the reporting but this win at all cost and to h311 with the others playing. It’s driving people away. This is why many of us begged for something because the wild west was killing the game as decency left the game…leaving nothing but cut throat and toxicity. I’m not talking about playing as care bears but there has to be something between carebears and thunderdome that is edgy but not over the top obnoxious.

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It’s funny you say that because I know 90% of players on here we’ll report something if you raid them if your base break the TOS of the game

And it makes it sometimes impossible to raid someone when they have miles of land claim that’s why they banned players because of it the new rules are good thoughts make clans from being too toxic or blocking off resources and make it so you cant build anything by them to raid them a lot more players quit because of the toxic clans and massive land claim and lag because of there base