Is this only happening on Xbox? This question is directed to the developers but feel free to put your input in on it

Let’s start with the loading screen that freezes and skips at the beginning of the game. Which it use to never do that WHY? (2) Invisible thralls you can’t see the thralls but you can see the weapons WHY? (3) when you upgrade your base to Black ice or any other DLCs it takes forever for it to load in and half the time you crash WHY? I played this game on the regular Xbox I have played it on some of the newer ones and the newest one still have this problem not as bad on the newest one BUT AGAIN WHY? (4) are we going to have the same problems when they release the new map to the consoles?

@Rasputin1509 Hi I play on Xbox I’ve never had the first 2 happen to me even though I had a clan mate that played on the Xbox one tell me on occasion that he would run into invisible thralls and can only see there weapons but I don’t know it’s never happened to me as for your 3rd question if you have a large main base when your near it don’t sprint towards your base just run towards it let everything render in at least that how I do it … plus I have the game installed on an external seagate hard drive so it doesn’t push the Xbox to hard and I know that’s helps a lot

If the devs knew any of those answers, that would allow them to address the problems and patch them…we are approximately 6 months deep into this nightmare and no improvements. They cannot answer your questions. You will get, if anything, thanked for your patience and understanding…as if XB players have any patience left. Also, kinda hard to display understanding, when we are never told anything in the first place.

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I don’t have an Xbox, but I think I can give some insight here.

The PC I originally bought Conan Exiles for had an Intel i7 4790k and Nvidia GTX 970. It used to run at max settings over 60FPS.

It doesn’t anymore. The loadtimes on that machine are longer than they used to be. And the game’s settings have to be toned down to get better framerates.

Here’s the issue unless you have a Xbox Series X, you’re looking at hardware that is lagging quite a bit behind even my older system. What has happened here is the development of Conan Exiles has pushed the hardware requirements past what they were on release.

Before anyone cries foul. Understand that PC gamers have dealt with this for over 20 years. Everquest which is a 21 year old game. Has requirements simply for the program that handles its updates beyond what the PC I had that played the game. It used to fit on a CD (under 750MB), now takes up over 10GB. It used to run on a Pentium 3 pretty well. Now requires at least an i3. It used to run on 64MB of RAM. Now requires a system with at least 4GB. And so forth.

This is kind of a new thing for Console gamers. But not really. In 2014, Final Fantasy XIV released for PS3. They dropped PS3 support years ago, and will likely drop PS4 support in the not so distant future.

Funcom will likely be dropping Xbox One support, simply because already the game runs like hell on that system. Personally I think they should have never released it for that system. This game came out in 2018, that system was already 4 years old.

Either that or they need to rerelease Conan Exiles to Xbox with a version vastly different than PC or PS. Where the models have less polygons, textures are lower resolution, the map is smaller, and so forth so it can run properly on that system. Or at least give Xbox a reverted game back to before the Frozen North update.

The issue here is just plain physics getting in the way. I mean you could make the argument that they shouldn’t have updated the game with so much new content that the systems could handle it. But… we’re not in the 1980s anymore.


A couple problems with your analysis! First I will partially agree with the fact that as they added expansions and content the performance can be expected to decrease, point in case I used to play uninterrupted for hours building massive bases with huge structures and tons of placeables and thralls without so much as a dip in performance, then the mounts update released and that changed everything drastically. After the update you really had to limit everything you used to be able to do, okay no problem just make smaller bases with less everthing.

You say it is simply the hardware can’t handle it I say it is poorly optimized, why? Because there are games in the same genre that have far larger worlds with vastly higher count textures, color palette and draw distances along with far more unique npcs all with vastly more complex animations and mechanics happening all at once and except for an odd lag spike during flight I can play said game unfettered all day long.

As for point 2 you seem to be saying that they should stop support for xbox but not for ps4 as if one console has far superior hardware. This just isn’t factual.

And third the update that completely borked the xbox six months ago had zero new content or anything else to affect performance it simply changed the stats for thralls health and dps with I believe some crafting recipe changes. Nothing included should have effected gameplay or cinematic performance.

If they want to stop supporting a game made for the platform they are selling on then fine they can one stop ripping people off and remove it from the store and then get out they’re checkbooks and start handing out those refunds.

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I assume PS users are already used to switching hardware. As I said, they’ve already done this in games already. People have tried it on the PS5 and are getting good results.

Try an Xbox Series X.

My ps4, is not the pro, it sounds like helicopter when I play conan, still, i’ ve seen so many hot fixes the past 2 years in this game that nothing bothers me anymore :joy::joy::joy:.

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