Is this the END of Conan Exiles?



I knew what you meant. I was being cheeky


I need this in my game. Time to learn how to mod…!


ahhaha … they could not restore order here, why do we need a new project, if this group of people does not finish the job))


The Conan Exiles Team is working on improving all aspects of the game. As you can read here, we have the current TestLive patch coming to all platforms early next week including the bow changes and new weapon type. On top of that, more TestLive patches with improvements to the core systems of Conan Exiles next week and hopefully one more before the holidays.

The team working on the new game we will be announcing has zero, null, nada to do with the Conan Exiles game nor has that team ever worked on Conan Exiles.

Again, I do understand your concerns but there is no need to be alarmed :slight_smile:

People Can't farm, kill or do anything

These are exciting. The load time issue and the Archery fix is going to be very exciting. I for one cant wait for it. Looking forward to the undermesh issues people were reporting.

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