Is this worth buying or wasting time on playing or not

I’m at the part that I just wanna give up on the entire game due to constant crashing in my single player offline game, and becoming admin for my EU server. This crashes keeps happening every 2 hrs into the game while I’m building or scouting .Even after a restart the next crash keeps coming and when it does I end up back in desert with nothing but my rags on to start over again.
this is very annoying and gives a beautiful game and Funcom a bad reputation on Microsoft live or discord and reddit critics

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Misleading title.

I was brought here ready to give advice to a new player, explain that the game is great and its worth a buy and worth many hours put in.

I then read your reply and see its not really about asking is it worth it, or is it worth wasting hours playing. I see you are complaining about crashes.

I have never had a crash or experienced any bad game breaking bugs. I play PVE, as the good ol’ days of Rust has left me with little faith in PVP and the alpha clans.

If it happens every 2 hours, i would suggest have look at your computer. install GPUZ and set the monitor to log to file. Test temps, make sure your video card driver is up to date. Verify the game files in Steam, its possible on the initial download there was a hiccup and some file is corrupted. ( this has happened to me before in Ark around 2 years ago )

I know the crashes must be frustrating, but before blaming the game, do a full check on your PC first.

For the readers that came here due to the question asked on the header of this topic…
YES the game is worth buying, and YES its worth every minute of every hour you put in.

He is playing on xbox (a tag easy to miss). I have heard about consoles having performance issues but since I am playing exclusively the pc version, I can’t really know whether this is the case or help them. I don’t know what kind of hardware they have either. In any case the topic is a rant more than anything else.

Uninstalled and dump of my xbox wasting space

Apologies! i thought you were on PC. i missed the tag as Narelle stated.

Good call! dumping the xbox and moving to a PC was a great idea :wink:

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